check_mysqldump-secure is a Nagios/Icinga monitoring addon that will report the state of mysqldumps. The following states are reported:

  • Did every database dump correctly?
  • Is the last dump within the specified time cycle?
  • If encryption is required, was the dump encryted?
  • If compression is required, was the dump compressed?
  • If logging is required, was the dump logged?

Long plugin output is supported and will be displayed. Such as:

  • How many databases dumped
  • How many databases skipped
  • How many databases failed
  • How long did it take to dump everything
  • How many megabytes have been dumped

Shell output

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Nagios overview

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Nagios details


Nagios graphs

Nagios Nagios Nagios Nagios Nagios Nagios

Visit the project home page at github for more information: check_mysqldump-secure.