mysqldump-secure 0.16 Changelog

This is a major milestone release which introduces many new features and security precautions. You are advices to update to this release. Note that the main configuration file had some changes that might break your current setup. Make sure to read through the Changelog.
  • [Fix] Show pipefail-emulation errors and warnings (now works as expected)
  • [Fix] Using --defaults-file instead of --defaults-extra-file to make sure no unwanted options are loaded.
  • [Fix] Wrong "finished with errors" on tmpwatch readonly files
  • [Fix] Exception Handling: Handle all unbound variables
  • [Fix] Catch error in case of wrong values in all 0/1 variables
  • [Fix] Catch tmpwatch/tmpreaper errors and show warn/err accordingly
  • [Fix] tmpreaper/tmpwatch values now accept/validate units (m, h, d)
  • [Fix] Output: stdout did not show all deleted files by tmpwatch/tmpreaper
  • [Fix] Testing: Validate MYSQL_OPTS
  • [Enh] Adding info files for each dump file (optionally).
  • [Enh] Logleves for logging to file (0-3)
  • [Enh] Adding info: Show SSL cyphers in use by server (If SSL is enabled)
  • [Enh] Adding info: Show if Server is master or slave
  • [Enh] Adding info: Show server name and version
  • [Enh] Adding info: Show current connection IP/Port or socket
  • [Enh] Improving Logic: Allow $REQUIRE to overwrite $IGNORE
  • [Enh] Improving Option: Allowing wildcards for ignored databases (e.g: IGNORE="*")
  • [Enh] Adding option: Conditional --quick dependent on database size
  • [Enh] Adding option: Consistend DB dumps (InnoDB, mixed, other)
  • [Enh] Adding option: SSL Connection
  • [Enh] Adding argument: --verbose argument
  • [Enh] Testing: Adding lots and lots of travis checks.
  • [Enh] Making /tmp folder settable via config
  • [Enh] Output: New debug level: trace
  • [Enh] Output: Colorized logging
  • [Enh] Output: Consolidate logging
  • [Enh] Script: Use #!/bin/sh -u to check against unset variables
  • [Enh] Removed ${_INSTALL_PREFIX} from config file

The full Changelog is available at